Plants, Poetry, and a Wedding. Rachelle & Molly

I spend many moments wondering what Rachelle saw, now layered on top of what I saw. One photo shoot becomes the background to another, or so it seems. Virginia Creeper and a Texas Cabinet Grand. Brilliant light flares an accent to a celebration, a joining of two lives, a marriage. There are a few rectangles in which my image-capture seems to have disappeared completely, but ghostly hydrangeas float in the midst if you look hard enough. People stand awkward at strange angles turned sideways and upside down. Many pictures are a mystery in which our images co-mingle and form new worlds. Half-eaten cake is a spaceship. Pink tissue decor grows alongside green plants. Which way is up? Turn it upside down, squint a little, a dog appears behind the tan brick image. Backgrounds become foregrounds, people become peripheral, and the green grass dominates. I look, try to see what Rachelle saw, look again and try to remember what I saw, and then look again, and see what our film saw together. There is no logic. We make circus imagery.

Suddenly, I find photography is fun again.